I would like to give a true testimonial of the outstanding service Crystal has given me. I had to deal with a problem I had with a bill from a hospital/insurance and I was referred to Cornerstone Benefit Services. Crystal took the time to understand my situation and offered to act in my behalf. Many times I witnessed her professionalism when I was part of a three way phone call (I'm actually in Florida) and I was amazed how the other party would react positively to her demands, something that I was not able to achieve on my own, as the hospitals don't like to deal with patients. She helped me fight a bill and got in touch with the highest level in the billing department. The process took a long time but Crystal had the patience and continued to follow up.   At the same time she gave me hope and kept me calmed. Yesterday I was contacted by the hospital with the good news that they bent on my case and gave me a break, all thanks to the persistent professionalism of Crystal. My case is closed and I'm SO happy with the results. Don't hesitate to use her services. She in knowledgeable, experienced and is devoted to give you amazing service and she has a passion in looking for your best interest. Thank you Cornerstone Benefit Services and thank you Crystal for helping me on my issue.
- Gonzalo Villota
Owner, Villota Image Group

I'm sure my story is going to sound very familiar to others.  I received a bill from my doctor for $921.46 but didn’t understand why I would owe this much. I started to write a check for the bill but then decided that  I would ask Crystal to look it over for me first.  (at the time I was not one of her clients but she assured me it was no trouble)  It took her less than a minute of looking at my bill before  she determined that there had been an error on the claim.   $571.46 was a discount that should have been written off by my doctor and $350 should have been paid by my insurance company.  With Crystal’s assistance I ended up owing NOTHING!  Had Crystal not stepped in, I would have paid the bill and been out the money.  Thanks Crystal for your dedication to the details and  being so willing to help out.  Needless to say...I'm now a dedicated customer and would recommend Crystal to anyone.  I'd never received the type of service before that I get with Crystal.

- Delores Juriga
Stewart Pest Control
Your Employee
Benefits Advocate